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In search of a unique, relaxed location for your destination wedding?


Look no further, Island Spirits, Grasshopper Island, Rice Lake is the perfect location for a destination wedding.


We are capable of hosting small weddings from 2–60 people maximum.  We have an in-island (in-house) Officiant, who can legally officiate your special ceremony on the island.


Couples that choose the Island Spirits for their wedding are seeking a simple, relaxed atmosphere and huge cost savings.


Our 25 acre eco island features solar cabins and tenting sites scattered around the island.

The island is simple, featuring nature, lake, birds ,roaming animals.


It truly is a special place and perfect for a destination wedding.


Most asked ISLAND WEDDING questions:


  1. How much is the island wedding Officiant? We give you our Officiant contact info and you contact and pay him directly. But generally speaking his fee is $250. This fee would include consultation via email to plan the officiating part of the ceremony. If you require anymore then that ie in person meetings, those prices would be worked out on an individual basis.
  2. When is the island available for weddings? The island opens usually the end of April ( according to the weather) and the last day  each season is the third weekend of September, inclusive.
  3. Can I arrange and bring my own Officiant for my wedding island ceremony? YES, you can, however please realize every extra ferry is $85/ ferry ( for both arrivals and departures) .
  4. Can I get married on the island if I am NOT staying on Island? YES, that  may possible, depending on availability of dates, Contact us with , # of persons, desired wedding date, how long you desire to be on island for, if you want our Officiant or not,  and we will get back to you with a price.
  5. Is there a certain area used for wedding ceremonies on 25 acre island?  You can get married anywhere on the island, according to Captain TJ’s approval of the particular spot you desire. It cannot interfere with someone else’s cabin or tenting area. However, there is a special area that is designed to accommodate official wedding ceremonies if desired.  The Charge to use this special area is $150. We do NOT provide any chairs.
  6. Can we have our wedding at the cabin or tenting site we rent? Yes, absolutely.
  7. Do you provide any decorating? NO!
  8. Will there be other people on the island? Yes, there will be other clients in cabins and tenting on the island, however they will NOT interfere with your ceremony at all.
  9. How many cabins is there available to rent? There is 8 eco cabins on the island. Of course some could already be rented to other guests; the sooner you book the better chance that you can have the choice of cabin rentals.
  10. How many tenting sites? Many, no worries.
  11. Can we rent a mix of some cabins and tent sites? Yes!
  12. Are there animals wandering free all around the island? YES, there is a few sheep and alpacas, just wandering free all around the 25 acre  island. This is what makes the island so extra special.
  13. What other animals are on the island? Organic egg laying chickens, piglets, bunnies,  wee goats, mini-donkeys, and maybe a few surprises.
  14. What is the Antique Bathtub Photo Op area? There is several antique bathtubs all set up for photo ops. Incredible photos; lots of fun shots!
  15. Are fun boats all included? YES, there is approximately 25 fun boats all included for use of the entire island. Such as: paddle boards, paddle boat, kayaks, and canoes.
  16. Are life jackets included? YES, Adult life jackets are included; all kids need to bring their own proper fitting life jackets, this is law. If you have your own adult life jacket, you may desire to bring your own.
  17. What other sports and recreation is available on the island? Sand Volleyball Court, badminton court, gigantic checkers, horseshoes, hiking trails and a few surprises.
  18. Is there electric? NO, no electric on the entire island. All cabins have solar lights. All cabins have solar USB charging ports, to charge ALL of your mobile devices.
  19. Is there a bread and pizza oven we can use? YES, there is a 125 year old wood fired bread and pizza oven on the west end of island. (we sell bagged wood). Directions how to  use the  bread oven is in tote on the side of bread oven. You need to bring all pans, ingredients etc. YUM yum.
  20. Can we have campfires? YES, each cabin and tenting site has its own private campfire pit. We start each place off with a bit of brush wood. We sell and deliver bagged campfire wood daily; you cannot bring any wood to island. ( we do not want an infestation of bugs).
  21. Is there toilets? YES, each cabin comes with a spotless clean outdoor compost toilet. There is also numerous other outdoor toilets for tenters and others all around the island.
  22. Is there a SHOWER? YES, there is a Chinese eco solar shower at one end of the island. This shower is absolutely raved about!
  23. Can I bring my a  generator? YES, as long as it is NOT loud and obnoxious, and bothering the island guests and animals. All generators need shut off at 1 am.
  24. Can we have loud music? YES, each area is done in a pod, and noise will not bother other pods. NO woofers are allowed.
  25. Can we bring pets? Yes, if they are nice pets. Must be leashed at all times. Scoop the Poop is enforced. Each pet is $35/ entire weekend or $70 per week.
  26. Are we allowed to smoke on the island? No smoking inside cabins or on ferry. You can smoke on island, as long as all cigarette butts are disposed of properly and safely. Animals cannot ingest cigarette butts.
  27. Can we bring beer, wine, and other alcohol to island? YES, however we prefer for safety of all guests and animals, that as much as possible is brought in cans and plastic. ( we do NOT have a liquor licence).
  28. What happens to all of our garbage and empty beer bottles? We take care of all your garbage and empties. You bring garbage bags and we ferry all garbage and recycling to proper landfill sites and recycling depots.
  29. What do we do with all the compost? You feed the piglets all of your compost.
  30. Can we feed the other animals on the island? Yes, you can feed all the animals your special treats. Bring extra stuff for each species if desired. Oh, the photos!
  31. How do we get to island? Each group, cabin, tenting rental gets one ferry arrivals and one ferry departure included. Safety first, always. So, some large groups may require 2 ferry arrivals. The Captain will email you one week in advance of arrivals and request what time you desire ferry. The ferry operates between 9 am and 9 pm. Any special ferry, if available from 10 pm and on is an additional charge of $100. Any extra ferry’s anytime, and any latecomers, is an extra ferry charge of $85. Per ferry. ( not per person).
  32. Is there a Facebook Page for ISLAND SPIRITS? Yes, follow us on Facebook, ISLAND SPIRITS, Grasshopper Island, Rice Lake.
  33. What happens in  case of an emergency? You call 911, and say where you are located ie cabin name or tenting site #,  on Grasshopper Island, Rice Lake. You always call Captain TJ also, 905-373-8448.
  34. Is there a Party area ? Every cabin comes with its own Private outdoor Picnic Shelter for Rain or Shine. All picnic shelters have many picnic tables inside and outside. Also in the middle of the island is a larger Picnic Shelter, full of picnic tables, and a massive campfire pit. This larger picnic shelter can be reserved for $250. (as mentioned each cabin comes with a small picnic shelter all included with your cabin rental).
  35. Is there potable water on the island? No, there is NO potable water on island. We sell and deliver bottled water daily to the island. However, each cabin has 250 or 500 gallons of non-potable water for your non-potable needs.
  36. Is there an ICE CREAM SOCIAL? YES, every Saturday during Prime season and every Saturday and Sunday during Holiday Weekends, at 2pm, we sell ice cream cones at the island Bread and Pizza Oven. This is an awesome event, meet and greet other islanders from around the world, and other fun stuff with crew and Captain TJ.
  37. Can just anyone to island? No! No one can come to island, without being a paid registered guest and authorized by Captain TJ and /or crew.
  38. Is there a minimum nights for renting cabins? YES, normal times 2 night minimum, and holiday weekends is 3 night minimum.
  39. What if we want to invite guest to island ceremony, but they do NOT want to stay in an island cabin or tent site ? This would be all arranged ahead of time: # of persons, availability of ferry, ferry  arrivals and departure time , names , checklist, extra crew, island use and ferry fees.
  40. Is there cellular phone service on island? YES!
  41. Is there WI FI on island? YES, there is complimentary wifi service on west end of island, and a wifi hotspot located at bread and pizza oven. Wifi is according to  weather and provider  etc.
  42. Can you  store some of our food at mainland ferry dock office? YES, I have flat top freezers,  as long as your food is  labelled with your name and cabin/site # clearly and what day /time your require it.
  43. What if we run out of alcoholic beverages? You really need to make sure you figure out exactly how much alcohol you will require and allow for a bit extra if desired. The ferry is very busy, however you can book a $85 extra  ferry during business hours to go back to mainland to go buy extra stuff.
  44. Is the owner of island and crew on island at all times? The owner/Captain is working on island with her crew daily.
  45. What do we need to bring when we stay in cabins? Each cabin is listed on website and tells you what to bring and what may be supplied.
  46. Do you supply bedding? In all cabins we supply pillows ONLY, you need to bring your own bedding, pillowcases, and or sleeping bags.
  47. Are there BBQ’s? Each cabin has a propane BBQ and the propane is supplied. Tenting sites have campfire pits, and you need to supply your own BBQ for tenting sites.
  48. Can we go back and forth on ferry any time after we have used our one included arrival ferry? Any extra ferry’s, 1-10 persons, is $85/ ferry, ( NOT per person, but per ferry), according to availability and prearrangement by client and Captain.
  49. Is there island swimming? YES, you can swim anywhere around the entire island. The government recommends anyone swimming in Ontario lakes to wear water shoes for safety of your feet.
  50. Do you provide any tables? Yes, there is several picnic tables included with each cabin rental and tenting site. If you require folding tables you need to bring them yourselves.
  51. Can people come to island for renewal of wedding vows, anniversaries and Birthday celebrations? Absolutely!
  52. Is there any time the ferry cannot ferry? The ferry can ferry in Rain or Shine; however it does NOT move during Lightning. The ferry resumes as soon as lightning passes.
  53. Will the Captain be present for our Ceremony? Not necessarily, depending if you desire a photo op with Captain, time , and her availability.
  54. Do we have to rent cabins/ tenting sites on the island, if we desire to get married there? NO, Not necessarily, special prices would be arranged. Please email us with the following info: date desired, # of persons, island arrival and departure times desired, our officiate or your own, # of ferry’s required.
  55. All prices + HST.



Cell. 905.373.8448